The Day of the Doctor review

It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years of Doctor Who. For me, it’s only been 3+ years. I’m a late comer to the Doctor. I started with Steven Moffat and Matt Smith. It’s not that I hadn’t heard of Doctor Who before, but I just hadn’t started watching. But when I heard that they were starting with a new showrunner and a newly regenerated Doctor, it seemed like the perfect jumping on point. And I’ve been a fan ever since. Using Netflix, I’ve been slowly (very slowly) making my way through the 9th and 10th Doctors and am finding myself becoming more aware of the Doctor’s history. This is how I found myself sitting on the couch this past Saturday and watching the 50th anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor. Let’s see what happened. Spoilers Ahoy!

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Netflix Rewind: Dr Who: The 9th Doctor

With the recent introduction of Netflix into my household, I now am fully into the 2010s and have the ability to watch prior seasons of shows that, for whatever reason, I had missed in the past. I decided to start with Doctor Who: Series One(aka the Ninth Doctor). I only started watching Dr. Who series 5, so I had missed both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (technically, since I hadn’ t watched the old series either I missed the first 10 Doctors). This looked like a good starting point and, while the season started off slow, the back half of the season made the whole season worthwhile. Let’s check it out.

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Dr. Who Series 6 Finale (and season overview)

The season is finally over. It was a convoluted season with a lot more misses than hits, but the central mystery from the beginning of the season was about why did the Doctor have to die (along with who was in the astronaut suit). The finale brought us the answers as well as setting the stage for the next season. So, let’s journey along and see what happened (spoilers ahead).

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Alastair Reynolds is writing a Dr. Who novel

From Reynold’s blog:

And I’m now pleased to announce that in 2013, in the fiftieth anniversary year of Doctor Who, BBC Books/Ebury will be publishing HARVEST OF TIME, an original science fiction novel featuring the Third Doctor, his companion Jo Grant, and arch-enemy The Master.

 I am a huge fan of Alastair Reynolds (even though I wasn’t thrilled with his last book) and have recently started on Dr. Who. So, needless to say, I am very excited about this. Reynolds promises more information to come over the next year.

Dr. Who season 6 finally gets good (Spoilers ahoy)

I’ve been waiting to blog about Dr. Who season 6. But, so far the season has been mediocre (at best). The opening two-parter was decent, but the next few episodes just never interested me. Then we finally come to “A Good Man Goes to War” and the season explodes into greatness. Here we get the Doctor as a legend and the origin of River Song. What’s not to love? So, let’s see what happened and if you haven’t seen the episode yet, go watch it and come back.

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Is Dr. Who too scary?

The Guardian offers opposing viewpoints on whether or not the new Dr. Who is too scary:


The new Doctor Who is too dark and convoluted. I’m a lifelong Whovian, but in the Matt Smith era there’s been too much doctorin’ of the Tardis by Steven Moffat and his writers.


My seven-year-old son fancies himself as fearless. All it has taken to disprove his belief in his own bravery these past couple of weeks has been to turn on BBC1 on Saturday tea-time. He’ll crouch down at one end of the sofa, curling himself into a ball, until I ask if he wants a cuddle. He’ll scuttle over, and squeeze himself into me, without ever daring to take his eyes off the screen.

Dr. Who season premiere

Yes I’m a week late, but I didn’t feel comfortable reviewing only the first part of a two-part episode. After last season with a new showrunner with a new doctor and cast, the season started good, slowed down in the middle and then ended with some of the best TV science fiction I’ve ever seen, I was excited for Dr. Who to come back. The first two weeks were a two part set in America with time travel, Richard Nixon, the moon landing, aliens and a young girl’s voice in a space suit. So, let’s see how it was.

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